Aangeraden Films

A lot of people ask me which movies should I Look into concerning Raw Food here a list of highly recommended movies, not necessarily in quote of importance:

Simply raw reversing diabetes in 30 days

Food Matters (although not really raw, for nutrition and insight in food a good one to watch)

Hollistic Welness for the Hiphop Generation
(intresting movie with a main focus on greens)

Raw Natural (as a sporter, highly inspiring movie. Nutrition and sport, drama and success)

(some say this family is radical, nevertheless their choices are intresting at least to watch)

Free Food and Medicine
(focus on how to grow food from your own garden of from your own home)

Forks over Knives
(definitely a classic on how food causes illness)

Fat, Sick and Nearly dead
(very inspiring movie about a guy who does a 60 day fast while travelling and inspiring others by doing the same)


Food Inc.
(About the sick food industry)

Raw for Life, the Encoclopedia
(Inspiring to watch, with a lot of famous raw foodies, also more How to approach)

Edible City: Grow the Revolution
(the title says all)


Go Raw Now
(kinda rockstar approach to raw, but cheesy, nevertheless nice watch)

Hungry for Change
(must see, when you are intrested in Nutrition)


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